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Who is REV?

Jionni Olamidé aka Carissa Rodgers

Your Curators

Jionni Olamidé, is a higher version of Carissa Rodgers. Free, authentic and continually transforming, Ji journeys into the dark to chart out paths to the light for the sake of providing direction to others. It is her mission to see us all whole, free and well.

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What We Do

Education, Personal Coaching and Organizational Consulting

Our Purpose

REV is an acronym for Redefining Everyday Values. We exist to be a source of education that facilitates sustainable transformation. We provide tools, resources and processes to empower you to grow into the best version of yourself!

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How We Do It

Healing, Feeling and Building

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a safe place that perpetually champions growth, transformation and continued development. We're also creating a safe space of community that allows to heal together, imagine a new future we can feel our way into and build it together!

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Why Choose REV

Our culture causes us to live a life of illusions often. We concern ourselves with who we think we are supposed to be, the facades we assume others want us to wear and often times, a life that was never truly meant for us. What society wants for us and what the soul wants for itself are rarely ever the same. We’ve got to assess where we stand with this in our own lives. If we are truly and deeply honest with ourselves, we can admit that we’ve all got work to do and it probably goes all the way back to our childhood. This is why the first step is to heal. By beginning with here, we are able to start exactly where we are with all that we have – positive, negative, indifferent and unclear. We are able to get to know ourselves and how we’ve developed so that we can see ourselves fully naked and unashamed.

By acknowledging what is and healing where necessary, we create free space within ourselves to be filled with something new. The process of healing is one of transformation. However, in order to sustain the transformation, we must feel the essence of who we’d like to grow into, short term and long term. After healing, our feelings can more readily be trusted. They serve as a guide to inform how we plan for the future. Once we use our guide, we can officially map out what’s next.

The next and final phase is to build what we’ve planned for. We leave space for flexibility in how we manifest our desires but we maintain clarity about what we are working towards and what it requires to get there. We continue to engage in healing and feeling whenever necessary so that we remain equipped to build at all times.

Our CustomersLove Our Service

I came hoping to just fix everything and for my life to go back to normal but it didn’t. I realized that it just doesn’t work that way either. This journey was everything we needed but nothing of what I expected!Bethanie G., Dallas, TX

I’m finally recalibrating. I can actually plan in my life. I’m drinking more water. I’m feeling more confident. And I’m always holding onto the mantras “I’m okay” & “get what you neeed.” It’s been amazing!Kenya C., Charleston, SC