The Wilderness Awaits.

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The struggle has been real about whether to begin a blog, to share the intellectual property that is mine, to allow my thoughts, energy and frequencies to vibrate through the cyber universe in an accessible way — and here I am. Sharing.

The Wilderness Awaits you with every post following this one. I call it The Wilderness because it is usual there where we grow closer ourselves, often in some of the most isolated, undesirable places. This blog is that isolated place for me and hopefully for many of you. The subject matter will spread wide. I most likely can provide sources if needed. While you can experience scholarship here, that is not the central purpose the wilderness though. As you read, I pray you are engaged in a way that peaks your interests, engages your consciousness and has everyday as well as lifelong value for you. Content may include everything from arts to current events to politics and policies, history, religion and spirituality, social and cultural appropriations, motivational messages and ultimately a wealth of information through the lens of my eyes.

As this journey ensues, I seek to find and create common grounds on making this world more free and just place. While I understand hood politics, I maintain kingdom values. They’re the foundation for which this content is based on nothing more than truth, justice, freedom and love. Just know that as I write here, it is a reflection of everything i see and live in my life. I’m not here for political respectability or to win votes of any kind. I’m touching issues that touch people. Hopefully in a way that we can all grow from it, myself included.

Nobody likes to be alone, let alone in a wilderness. If  you want to reach out to me for dialogue, I welcome that as I am available via social media. Now…to find our way…

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