Giving Up to Gain…

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A couple of weeks ago I was working on a sermon from Matthew 4:1-11 about Jesus being tempted by Satan in the wilderness. Aside from exploring this whole wilderness idea, my spirit began to meditate on what it means to fast. In the midst, I realized that a fast was exactly what God was calling me to participate in.

To fast is to sacrifice something in order to grow closer to God. While fasting is generally associated with diet restrictions, it is not limited to them. I’m inclined to believe that the things we give up should be things that cause us to stretch ourselves when we are without them. Or maybe its something we are adding to our practices that stretches us just the same. Either way,  the end goal is a clearer mind through a greater connection with God/Most High/Source*. This greater connection occurs when we our intentional about cultivating it.

This is an invitation to fast with me. It is a journey of giving up unhealthy food choices and lifestyle habits; it also includes picking up new lifestyle habits as well as spiritually feeding yourself during the journey; & seeking greater understanding from within. This is all about your growth in connection to God/Most High/Source as a result of the revelations you experience on your fasting journey.

I can’t tell you what to give up, how to modify your diet, what new practices to adopt, etc. However, I do have some suggestions. If you have never fasted before, visit 21 Days of Fasting and Prayer for a fasting guide, journal, reading plan and calendar. I will be using these tools along my journey and offer them to you to use also.

Additionally, I am generating some other resources as means of both support and accountability. I personally commit to doing a prayer conference call every morning for the 21 day duration of the fasting period. Anyone is free to join and lift up joys or concerns. The call will take place at 7am each morning beginning. Monday, September 28 –  Monday, October 19. The phone number to participate in the daily prayer call is 641-715-3580. The pin to dial in is 928-764.

I know that I am not in this season alone. I don’t know what you’re going through or what you’re willing to do to get through and ahead of it. I don’t know how seriously you are seeking to grow or what you are trusting God/Most High/Source for in God next season of your life — But if you’re truly desiring, I encourage you to join me. Wherever you are, God will meet you there. Even if you begin fasting after I begin mine, it is still not too late. If you choose to do 7 or 14 days instead of 21, that’s fine also. Discern what YOU need and what God is calling YOU to do. While it seems you are randomly giving up things and making sacrifices, you are gaining so much more! There is a discipline you are exercising that will strengthen you, not just during your fasting but far beyond. There is never a time or place where we seek God/The Most High/the Source and are not met where we are. God is waiting on us. And we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.  I pray we can grow together… See you on the journey!!

See the sermon that inspired it all, To Be or Not to Be,  HERE!

*interchangeable terms for The Creator have been used so as to honor readers who may not identify as Christian.

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