REV Signature Values and How to Live into Them

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Every day, we encounter different values that people use to govern their lives. Society has given us an array to choose from — money, popularity and fame, instant gratification, the list is endless. Constantly, these values are being marketed to us nonstop through a multitude of channels and there is no way for us to stop it. What we are able to do is be mindful of our own values and how we are applying them to our lives. REVthebrand seeks to promote our assessment in the values we live by and what we are producing because of them. If you are also making honest assessments, then you probably see the importance of REV – redefining everyday values. We all want to live happy, whole lives as free people functioning in the fullness of abundance. The question is how we do so. Below, we’ve listed seven of the values that we find central to creating a meaningful, sustainable life as the best version of ourselves.



Our destiny is always in our reach but beyond where we are. The destiny gives us purpose. Elevation raises our consciousness to be attuned to the purpose; it lifts our focus to higher possibilities. As we become more aware of our purpose, our lives become shaped by it and our creations will lead us to the destiny.

To elevate yourself to be attuned to your purpose and name your destiny:

  1. Choose your intention for this world. Name it.
  2. Be still. Discern that one thing you feel called, drawn to do, complete, execute, achieve, accomplish.
  3. Discover your love, passions and gifts that you naturally do that can help you with that one thing.
  4. Ask yourself what you want to create that will outlast you. 
  5. Let that one thing be your purpose. Let what you create to outlast you be your destiny.


Encouragement is a gift we often hope to receive from others. Sometimes, we are required to give it to ourselves. By engaging in the action of giving support, confidence and hope — we affirm the possibilities of what can be.  As we walk with this set of eyes, we liberate others to do the same, creating perpetual stimulation for manifesting the dreams of our highest selves.

To actively practice encouragement of yourself that you can share with others:

  1. Write your goals down, short and long term. Then make a plan to tangibly accomplish them.
  2. Write affirmations for the things you would like to accomplish, attract and live into.
  3. Look yourself in the eyes each day in the morning and declare, I love you and I trust you.
  4. Give yourself permission to make mistakes, grow and evolve. 
  5. Learn the power of the words, it’s okay. Be graceful with yourself and others.


There are several ways to experience power and power dynamics. Empowerment is about the transference of authority. It is giving power with purpose so that one might become stronger and more confident, especially in the control and governance of self. Discovering our own power within is central to unlocking the potential of our destiny.

To empower yourself to become more conscientious and confident in your manner of self-governance:

  1. Learn as much family history as possible about your immediate lineage (parents, grandparents, great grandparents, aunts and uncles).
  2. Discover your own strengths and weaknesses. Ask yourself, what are my 3 greatest characteristics? Then ask yourself you had to be each one of them. There is a story attached. Unpack the experience and how it made you feel. Understand the pain connected to your strength. Where there is still pain, give yourself what you need to heal.
  3. Forgive yourself and anyone in your life who has not been who you needed them to be when you needed them.
  4. Find books, lectures, community and other resources of support to learn about the areas that you wish to grow in. Apply what you find useful to your life. Let the rest go. 
  5. Align yourself with what is connected to the purpose and the destiny. Keep what serves you. Serve it in return. Dismiss what brings you down, no matter how familiar it is to you. Make sacrifices where you are to aid you transitioning to where you want to be.


In the face of transition standing between where we are and where we want to be, taking the first step is the hardest. When we stand at this crossroads, courage is our friend. It is the ability to do something that truly frightens us or mustering up the strength to continue when the journey seems better left behind. Courage enables us to expand beyond our comfort zones and achieve the impossible!

To take small tangible steps to use courage and move beyond our comfort zone:

  1. Practice expressing how you feel truthfully and fully without the pretense of respectability politics or not hurting another’s feelings. You can still be tactful. But practice radical honesty.
  2. Find a new way to express yourself. Be it expressively through the arts, through the body with physical activity or the emotions by learning to scream.
  3. Do something that you’ve never done before. It can be something that you’ve secretly desired to do and just haven’t had the courage yet or something you’ve never thought about before now. But step out of familiarity!
  4. Stand up for what is right. You don’t have to wait until a “right time”. Opportunities are constantly presenting themselves. Just don’t ignore it when it shows up in front of you.
  5. Talk to yourself! No matter how other people look at you or feel about it, tell yourself the things you need to hear to persevere and be uplifted.


All journeys take time. The process of moving from one place to another requires a multitude of things – research, assessment, planning, resources, execution and follow through.  The experience of these things shaped by purpose and direction create intentionality. Transformation is a thorough or drastic change in form our appearance. This is initiated by our willingness to undertake the journey and grow through the process.

To engage in the activity that produces transformation:

  1. Connect your goals to the purpose and the destiny.
  2. Research, study, learn and assessment information that strengthens you and the journey to the destiny.
  3. Place yourself in nature to be close to the creator and motivated to create.
  4. Feed yourself plenty of fruits and vegetables to give your body the necessary information it needs to function at its highest capacity. 
  5. Intentionally make yourself open to the journey of evolution and declare those intentions out loud. 


Change is inevitable but radical change is intentional. Revolution is not just an overthrow of one system in favor of another that is outward applied to social order. Revolution is the birth child of transformation. It begins within each of us and culminates as the complete evolution of being in relationship to our quintessential purpose. It encompasses the necessary sacrifices to create change, establish discipline and maintain freedom with peace.

To begin revolutionizing your own life:

  1. Find community to align with the type of transformation you’ve made in your life. Find people who have similar interests or are working towards similar ends as you.
  2. Do the work. Find places, spaces and organizations that do work that falls within the parameters of what your goals are and the destiny is. These places are also great to build/find community.
  3. Create an intentional schedule that encompass the goals you’ve set for yourself and the things you need to maintain balance.
  4. Find regular ways to do something that honors you, your desires and what brings you joy.
  5. Just be still. Do nothing. Recharge and refresh regularly. None of us can stay on go all the time.


The world is busy and often chaotic. Our continual movement can contribute to fatigue, disorientation and anxiety. In times like this, freedom from disturbance is valuable in facilitating peace. Peace is characterized by quiet and tranquility. Both are essential in staying grounded, maintaining balance and growing in self-awareness.

To begin walking in the peace that is destined to be a part of your experience:

  1. Be grateful for all things in all things. We are not promised anything. Gratitude allows us to notify the Creator/Universe/God/Great Spirit/Self that we are aware of what is being gifted and entrusted to us and do not take it lightly.
  2. Appreciate the elements. Take a deep breath. Take a walk with no shoes on. Lay in the sun and allow it to kiss your skin. 
  3. Love on your people. We don’t get it far enough. Somehow, that doesn’t make us need it any less. It still means everything to us all.
  4. Whether it is to charity, to people you know who are struggling or those directly connected to you — everybody needs something. None of us can do it all but all of us can do something. Our gifts represent the gratitude we have for our abundance.
  5. Tell your story. You never know who is going through what you are or whose life yours might touch. Have enough peace in your story to tell it. It is liberating for all parties. 

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