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Feelings are fluid.
They are many. They vary. They change.
We are affected by them. They are affected by us.
Together we dance and life’s reality is our music.
Music is fluid.
There are many types. They vary. They change.
We move in the music. The music moves in us.
Until we move.
Some melodies we can hear but feel nothing through them.
There are other tunes that we hear and cannot confine ourselves to be seated.
We must respond.
Our mind first. Our body. Then our being.
Hear the sound. Feel the vibrations. Move with them.
The process never ends until our lives do.
Did you let the music, the experience of life touch your soul?
When, the music your experience touched you, did you feel everything it shared with you?
When you felt it, did you acknowledge it?
How genuine was that acknowledgement?
Because if it didn’t move you to a different conduct, it hasn’t touched you deep enough yet.
But the first time you experience it, you will never forget it because you’ll be changed forever.
You’ll no longer be able to hear the sound and ignore the feelings it brings.
You’ll no longer have the experience of life without the process of knowing how you’re transformed by it.
But we must first hear the music.  All different types. Learn it. Learn us in it. Learn it in us.
And grow. Elevate. Transcend.
By being open. Flexible. Fluid.

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