me as we. free.

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Like ET I come in peace
But when you are presented with me who do you see
Does my skin appear as beautiful or is it threatening
Because I’m gone be who i am no matey who lets me

I am wonderfully made, beautifully and fearfully
And i always remember that even when i hear other things
I remember the insults growing up and the tears they would bring
Not realizing it was just a projection of somebody else’s insecurities

Its easy for battered people to treat others demeaning
But i detect harmful spirits, they get caught in my smoke screen
Because if i let them get too close they can infect my whole being

And I’m too precious knowing the purpose for my being
The importance of my heart beating… is wrapped in the fact that I’m destined to change this world now and beyond this season
It’s always a reason for anything God creates
Nothing is here to waste space or to wander without aim

Don’t let this matrix mess up yo brain
To where you play when it ain’t no games
And fail to answer to your true name
And stray away from the way our ancestors paved

One of power and resurrection where we acknowledge divine protection
Not where we caught up in the world diminished to chasing possessions
Because that’s not the way to live free
Pau attention to the economy, stocks and bonds and monopolies
Learn about the world’s geology
Understand your own biology and its relationship to astrology
Knowing cosmology is transformative to your own psychology
Approach it all logically, it don’t bother me
Just don’t forfeit the knowledge that helps you approach life positively

Thank mother earth and father sky for always watching things
And creating space for us to have a place without robbery
For entrusting us each with a mission
And having the confidence in our gifts to know we could fulfill it
That we could take this broken land and connect with holy spirit so we could heal it
To witness to the world the redemption that God is revealing

You don’t have a choice to sit out our choose to not join in
Because your complacency places you with the enemy that we are pre mourning
Because it had facilitated death not the joy that we know comes in the morning

So when you declare you’re free you better know what freedom means
Because freedom is free but the process of liberation is costly
But we stand to fight for it together because it ain’t about one me
And that fight ain’t end in the sixties
But as we witness the making of history
Just tell me where you plan to be
Sitting on the sidelines watching reality tv
Listening to young thug with walk words for your mind because it’s over a dope beat

Or will you be side by side with your people suffering in the streets
Standing in solidarity, Fighting for liberty
It gets deep, so discover more what your purpose for walking earth is
So we can get to working on creating more solutions and breaking more of these curses
We start this process by being more loving of God, the god that is within us
And loving each other to life because hate and division has gotten to be too much
Won’t you wise up? Rise up.
The world is ready to feel our touch!

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