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I am overwhelmed.
Stuck in some purgatory between bondage and freedom,
Searching for a deeper love when some days it feels like there is none
I. Am. Overwhelmed.
When you wish there was a blueprint or at least a prototype
And becoming one is the shit that keeps you up at night
All you can do is look around, look within, equip yourself
Soul search and find your peace, give until there’s nothing left
We don’t do this type of shit just for our health but in acknowledgement of what’s rare
The average person out here really don’t care
That the mastery of oneself is one of the greatest forms of today’s wealth
And even though I’m searching for whats there
I’ve drug so deep that now I’m scared
Finding places inside myself whose realities reflect nightmares
But I dare to still explore the depths of me
All of these parts I gotta see to understand why they exist and what it all really means
Because until we can live in reality the same way we can live in our dreams
Then we can control the future and change our destiny
But This vision that I have and the work I dio to make it manifest
Is the source aside from general life experience that causes all my stress
The same people I’ve tried to bless are the ones that respond with no respect
And just still expect you to eat that
Like you really need that
Like if you disappear, ten more of me can just come back
Sometimes its fucked up that when I’m low I forget
The Creator made me the shit with divine attributes that nobody can miss
Those blind to this can easily be dismissed
Butt its always a lesson to be learned when people be on that bullshit
But like a Phoenix, rise up out the ashes
When you broke, have you some shit to cash in
Trying to knock the struggle out like I’m Cassius
Turning into Ali but with the status. That’s it.
But in the midst of this, I’ve become overwhelmed
Looking for solutions and whats therapeutic, this is my plea for help
The acknowledgement that I aint stealth
But if I just slow down and breath o can come bank to myself
To get bank to the mission, eliminate myself as my competition
And say like I mean it
Fuck. Being. Overwhelmed.

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