What are You Giving to Yourself?

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We’ve been programmed to be on the go. Being on go allows us to feel busy, to even be productive but at the cost of often neglecting ourselves. Self-neglect looks a variety of ways.

It looks like over working. Or maybe no motivation to work at all.

It looks like no time for stillness, quiet and self-reflection.

It looks like over eating, emotional eating and malnutrition.

It looks like an inability to look in the mirror completely naked and be honest about what you see.

It looks like a struggle to find gratefulness in all things.

It looks like taking care of other people better than yourself.

It looks like feeling unappreciated.

It looks like irritation and frustration at the drop of a dime.

It looks a variety of ways.

Moving away from self-neglect begins with self-awareness. Self-awareness begins self-assessment. Assessing how we feel about the things happening to us, because of us and around us help us put into perspective what we are producing. We can expand the contextual understanding of what we are producing by engaging our experience with our knowledge. Most of the time we are disconnected from what we are producing and what we’re learning though. We’re always giving and taking, from somebody or something, somewhere — including ourselves.

Concentration and focus can aid us though. Because energy is available power, it is important to concentrate and focus that power on what we desire to create so as to not waste our supply. The law of conservation of energy states that energy can be converted in form, but not created or destroyed. This means that potential energy is always available and we are always using it, manifesting it somehow. It is our responsibility to be aware of what we’re producing in, with and through our energy and the energy that surrounds us. It can be used to produce a better version of ourselves and our communities; or it can do the inverse and destroy. Possibly a little bit of both. We are the central key to whichever it is.

So, what are you giving yourself? If it’s not true knowledge and true love, you’re probably facilitating your own poverty consciousness. You’re also brainwashing yourself if you believe that you can give these things to other people without first giving them to yourself first. We have nothing to give to others when our own vessel is empty. So  acknowledge your own needs and desires. Affirm your own worth and potential. Speak into existence what you’re working to create. Train your mind and your spirit to attune themselves to what heaven looks like for you. This way, you can give THAT to yourself. Then you can share with somebody else how to do it. Let the Great Spirit within be your guide!

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