About Us

Our Principles

REV is an acronym for Redefining Everyday Values. We believe in reinventing the way we embrace life’s values at its core. Our mission is to create pathways for holistic wellness through exploring nature, history, experiences and knowledge of self to curate cultural transformation. We stand on seven values that embody true character. These values are Empowerment, Courage, Revolution, Transformation, Elevation, Love and Peace.  The understanding of these important values is necessary for forward movement in life.  

Our vision is to transform culture and consciousness through infusing these seven values into all of our products. We ingrain truth, power and love into our products to accompany you on your life journey. We believe in designing your style with freedom and power.

The Founders

Carissa Rodgers is a native of Little Rock, AR. She is a graduate of Hall High and holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in English with a minor in Political Science from Philander Smith College. She also holds a Master of Divinity degree from the Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. Read more…

Who We Are

We are thrilled that everyone who experiences REVthebrand knows they are getting a one of a kind learning experience worthy of loyalty for continued development

 When I created REVthebrand, I was a seminary student in Dallas, TX trying to figure out how to share a message with the world.  I still had a trajectory and plan to be a pastor in the United Methodist Church. So even though I created it, I wasn’t all in with it. Read more…