Taking One Moment to Make One Choice

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Transforming the world is an inside out job. We are required to first make a living witness out of ourselves through personal experience by willful subjection. Too often, we are too afraid to commit to doing the hard work because it hurts. It requires of us to submit to pain that we would otherwise rather avoid. And it is this fear that breeds contentment. It is this fear that breeds mediocrity and purposeless because not enough of us have something to work for, to live for, to die for. We haven’t made time to find it.

What are You Giving to Yourself?

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We’ve been programmed to be on the go. BeingĀ on go allows us to feel busy, to even be productive but at the cost of often neglecting ourselves. Self-neglect looks a variety of ways. It looks like over working. Or maybe no motivation to work at all. It looks like no time for stillness, quiet and self-reflection. It looks like over …