We are thrilled that everyone who experiences REVthebrand knows they are getting a one of a kind learning experience worthy of loyalty for continued development

When I created REVthebrand, I was a seminary student in Dallas, TX trying to figure out how to share a message with the world.  I still had a trajectory and plan to be a pastor in the United Methodist Church. So even though I created it, I wasn’t all in with it.

Then one day after becoming ordained and pastoring a church and following my plan, I realized that I still was not sharing the message with the world that was burning in my soul. I was not able to address popular culture with history, science, theology, experience and the many lenses it can be seen through. I was not able to tell my whole truth, fully and completely, without reservation. I was not able to help other people engage in transformation without cloaking the language in Jesus.

I was concerned that I was missing far more people than I was actually able to help. I also was afraid that I was missing myself, that I had transformed so much of myself into what the church required me to be that I actually lost sight of my own soul’s journey and what was meant for me to be.

But then I realized that I had become everything that the message in my heart wanted to speak against. I had become content, a slave even, to the idea that change could be made by doing what had always been done. I realized that I stayed where I was in the church because of the security it provided rather than the space it gave me to be my full self and tell my entire truth. It was at this point that I realized, I had to reclaim my life and transform myself into an individual in position to manifest all of my dreams. Because until I could transform myself completely, I also couldn’t help anybody else do it, which was my heart’s deepest desire.

I decided to do my work. I decided to create an exodus plan to leave the church as well as a plan of vision for where I’d be going next. I decided to look my pain in the face to begin healing and reclaiming my own purpose not coopted by institutional religion. I also decided to document my process so that I could share a blueprint for others who also desired to transform their lives. This work has allowed me to create the most unique, user driven coaching experience for the most motivated individual who desires to see themselves transformed with holistic wellness and productivity along with their community and the entire world we live in.

It turns out, the road was more difficult than I imagined. I began moving before the vision was fully flushed out. I started selling apparel before I had the capital to sustain the line which created great disappointment learning along the way. I stopped working on it all. Then my fiancé had her own vision to start a beaded jewelry line. Little did she know, I had already written out a plan for something similar with REV products. We fused the two brain children together and REVBEADS became the product. But it didn’t stop there. I started preparing to leave the church about 6 months before I actually left.

I was trying to help build REVBEADS while maintaining 60-80 hour work weeks which was completely unproductive. Not to mention, the yearning to build REVthebrand was growing stronger and stronger each day. This was conflicting in my normal job capacity. I knew I had to make a decision. So I did.

I made the conscious choice to leave the church and put all my energy into my manifesting my own dreams and visions with my gifts. This meant walking away from everything that I worked the past 7 years to build in the church. I feared walking away from everything I had already been successful in for fear that I would fail on my own.

When I was finally ordained, I realized I had betrayed myself. Less than 2 months later, I turned my ordination credentials in to the United Methodist Church and walked away from my title as a Reverend and a pastor. I gave up the message of the church and its credentials that qualified me. In exchange, I unlocked the freedom and power to walk in my divine assignment without any reservations.

Through it all, we released our first products and the response has been nothing short of amazing. REVBEADS was the first element of REVthebrand that has been released. All of our products are connected to everything we are, Redefining Everyday Values. REV Coaching and REVthebrand apparel are next up to be released and we can’t wait! Stay tuned!